Colombian Flirting Phrases To Level Up Your Dating Game

Colombia has a lot to offer – salsa, biodiversity, cultural heritage, coffee, chocolates, and of course, beautiful people! The country is best enjoyed with a local partner, exchanging Colombian flirting phrases while you’re at it.

In this article, we’ve put together some popular Spanish flirting phrases that would spice up your dating experience with a Colombian. 

Awesome Flirting Phrases to Use to Impress Hot Colombians

Talking to people in their language creates an instant connection that other languages do not achieve. If you are a foreigner, your exotic accent will make these Colombian love phrases sound sexier and help you connect with the locals.

Here are some awesome phrases to use to flirt with your Colombian girlfriend.

General phrases

  • Mi amor – Even though its literal translation is My Love, you would see shopkeepers, cab drivers, tourist guides, and the like using it. It is a good phrase to add to your Spanish vocabulary.
  • Me gusta tu sonrisa – This translates into “I like your smile”—a good phrase to impress your date with.
  • Me gustan tus ojos – I like your eyes—the perfect thing to say on those romantic evenings.
  • Bailas muy bien – You dance very well. Spanish culture and Salsa are inseparable. Next time you are doing Salsa with a Colombian local, use this to phrase to show off your grasp of the Spanish language!

Sexy and intimate phrases

Now we enter the tricky zone, and the first tip we have is not to throw these around loosely. These flirting words in Spanish carry varying degrees of naughtiness and intimacy, so do not use these unless you are sure.

  • Estar buena (hot chic) – You would hear this a lot as men use this to describe women. Be cautious not to use it while conversing with a lady, though. It is in that street slang category, and you’d be perceived as a cheap person.
  • Estar bueno (hot guy) – A male version of estar buena, women use this a lot when discussing men in their girly groups. However, it should never be said directly to a man, as it nearly means an invitation for sex.
  • Mamacita/Papasito – Literal translation being little mum/little dad is Spanish slang for attractive women/men. These do get thrown around in casual conversations a lot, but its acceptance depends on your company. While some women take mamacita as a compliment, others might be offended by it! Men, as you would have guessed, would have no problems being referred to as a papasito.
  • Bollo – A gender-neutral term that conveys someone is as tasty as food. Its use is dwindling, but the natives do understand it well. It doesn’t have any sexual indication, nor does it carry any mischief, making it safe for new learners to use.

Phrases to keep your partner interested

Colombia has a competitive dating environment where relationships can be very fragile irrespective of how old they are. Guys compliment women all the time, and if you want to keep hold of your partner, you better add these flirtatious phrases to your arsenal.

  • Conquistar – Though it has its roots in Latin America’s invasions (conquests) centuries ago, the word evolved to mean winning over someone’s heart. Be careful when you use it, as the word is primarily used by guys who win girls over for one night!
  • Lanzarse (verb)/Lanzado (noun) – Lanzarse translates into ‘to hit on someone’ or ‘to make a move with someone.’ Lanzado, its noun form, is a common expression used for guys on a constant pursuit of girls.
  • Hacerse el – Playing hard to get. Men often use this to describe girls who do not reciprocate their efforts to attract them.
  • Darse picos – Pico or Beso means kiss. Darse picos translates into making out and usually describes couples who get up close and personal for the first time.
  • Motelear – These are sex motels where couples check into to get some privacy, away from the watchful eyes of their family members back home.
  • Comerse a alguien – sleeping with someone.
  • Estar tragado de alguein – This is a beautiful phrase that describes romance without referring to its physical aspect. When you fall for someone in more ways than purely physical, this is the phrase to describe it!
  • Quita novios – It means boyfriend stealer, and there are no complications attached to its use!
  • Montar/poner (los) cachos – Cheating in relationships is common in Colombia, and this phrase has evolved to describe that.
  • Te amo/te quiero/eres mi media naranja (you’re my half orange) – These are the words you say to express love, the “I love you” in Colombian Spanish.

You are all set now to impress your Colombian lover, so don’t be shy anymore! Seduce her and maybe one day you’ll have the chance to marry a Colombian woman!

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