Marrying a Colombian Woman: Top Tips for a Happy Marriage

In a world that is getting closer every day, love is defying geographical boundaries more than ever. 

If you have lost your heart to a Colombian beauty and want to know all about marrying a Colombian girl, we have you covered.

Love does speak a universal language, but taking stock of reality always helps. If you want to marry a Colombian woman, you must account for the differences in culture, lifestyle, outlook towards life, and the all-important legal framework. It will only help you handle your relationship better.

Be Cautious!

Not to put you off your quest of seeking Colombian ladies for marriage, but this is the first piece of advice we have for you.

Colombia does not come anywhere near Western Europe or North America when it comes to economic stature, job opportunities, women’s rights, education, and safety! Unfortunately, the lack of job opportunities drives people to crime to get out of poverty.

It is still a traditional society where women are deprived of equal rights and opportunities. Domestic violence is not unusual, and women are still treated as objects in smaller towns and villages. They are confined to household work and are always looking for ways to get out of their native ecosystem.

Marrying a foreigner solves a lot of problems for them. It is often their only shot at a better life. Therefore, if you are a foreigner in Colombia and a local beauty wants to marry you within a week of meeting, there’s more to it than meets the eye. 

Slow down, take a step back and consider the future problems of international marriage with a woman who is likely using you.

That is not to discourage you. On the contrary, Colombian women have everything you want in a life partner – an amazing body, caring nature, and putting family before self. 

Read on to know how to go about it and know if your love is for real.

What to Know Before Marrying a Colombian Woman?

Marrying someone from a different culture is exciting. However, if you are marrying a Colombian woman, the cultural difference might take you by surprise. Colombia is a passionate country, and marriage is a special occasion – the perfect platform for participants to set their romanticism and celebratory spirit free.

Here is a handy reference to what to expect when you marry a Colombian woman:

Colombian Woman For Marriage

Colombian girls are passionate

Though the phrase “Latina fire” has become a cliché of late, it is not misplaced. Colombians have charming personalities, and their passion for everything they do, like, or dislike keeps them in the spotlight.

They commit to the things they follow or the passions they pursue. Despite each individual being different, their passion seeps through their personalities.

Their general excitement towards life is interesting to observe, as it often stimulates them into extreme reactions. On the one hand, their zest towards life makes them more likable. On the other hand, it can evoke strong reactions, and a simple difference of opinions can come across as a bigger argument than it needs to be.

Be warned that should you start a discussion involving politics or football, there can be a heated debate if she doesn’t side with you.

Colombians have strong family ties

Colombian families are large and close-knit. People set aside weekends for their families despite busy schedules and cherish the moments spent together during outings or a Sunday dinner.

This is a very desirable quality that is often missing in the developed western world, as your partner will go to any extent to nurture the relationship. You will be accepted as part of the family and invited to all family gatherings, celebrations, and outings.

The downside of having such a strong family bond is that your time as a couple gets compromised. Your plans to have a quiet weekend away by yourselves might clash with a family function your spouse doesn’t want to miss out on.

If you want to take your woman back to your country, it is better to clarify this upfront, as she is likely to have reservations about moving so far away from her people.

Colombians subscribe to traditional gender roles

This is another viewpoint that needs to be accounted for and discussed before you get married. Colombians believe in traditional gender roles, where the husband must put food on the table while the woman assumes the homemaker’s role.

It can be a very good arrangement for the family as a whole, as your wife will always be home to look after your children while you are away working. On the flip side, if you expect your wife to share the financial duties, it can likely cause friction and is best discussed beforehand.

Expect indirect communication

You will never have a dull moment with your Colombian wife, even in the middle of a casual conversation. What they do not say is almost as important as what they do. Look out for her body language and read the cues, as Colombians are masters of non-verbal communication. If she taps her neck with her index/middle finger while you’re making plans, take it as a soft signal for “we’ll be screwed” and correct course.

Take it slow

Love, at first sight, is not always real. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with considering Colombian women for marriage, it is in your best interest to take your time getting to know your love interest and let the relationship flourish organically.

The language barrier

We all have heard that language is no bar for love, but trusting us and speaking the same language simplifies life on many levels. Even if your lady knows English, it is unlikely her parents and grandparents would. Learning basic Spanish would tell her how much you care and show your willingness to bridge the communication gap.

Bridge the culture divide

Unless you have lived in a South American country for years, you will notice vast cultural differences. Large families housing several generations in the ancestral home is a common sight – something quite different from the developed world.

It’s all about eating, drinking, and partying.

Be prepared to meet a large group of friends and families. Colombians love their Salsa, coupled with music and partying. One thing is for sure – you’ll never starve in a Colombian household.

Handling courtship

Colombian women are fun-loving and are up for a good time. Being a westerner might also get you some brownie points. Once you are dating, do not expect her to start drooling over you immediately. When you are with her, make sure she has all your attention.

Sex can wait

If your attraction is purely physical, you are in for a disappointment. A Colombian girl genuinely looking for a life partner would never jump into bed with a guy at the first available opportunity. If a girl does that, you have reason to be suspicious – she might be a Gringo hunter looking for a way out.

Be yourself

As in any relationship, being pretentious can only get you so far. Once you are through the initial dating period and things start getting serious, let her know what you are all about, especially your lifestyle. It would help you connect with her at a deeper level and set expectations right.

Big Fat Family Wedding

If you think you are done with the tricky part, think again. A Colombian marriage is about big gatherings and lavish arrangements. Families and societies are close-knit. Once you move beyond the big cities like Bogota, everyone seems to know everyone, thereby inflating the guest list. Also, your extended family will likely be very extended.

Problems Marrying a Colombian Woman

Now, your relationship is sorted. You both are made for each other, the families are excited about your wedding, and everything has fallen into place. Not so fast. There are still a few barriers you need to be prepared to cross:

Too close to the family

You likely plan to to get married your partner and fly with her back to your native country. Once you are there, you would get busy with your daily lives, and your travel to Colombia would be limited, if at all. She was raised the traditional way with multiple generations of her family, it would be incredibly difficult for her to start a new phase of her life away from them.

Above-average libido

Remember your initial physical encounters with her, where you bragged about how you can go on and on? Well, the onus is on you to live up to it post marriage. They are passionate by nature, and regular sex is an unwritten rule, no matter how exhausted you get after putting in a long day’s work.


You might be in for a shock if you did not talk about it before marriage. Once you marry a Colombian woman, it is implied that you signed up to have many kids. That is one family trait you might not want her to continue.

Legal issues

Marrying someone from another country and getting her documentation for moving into yours is no easy task. A Colombian woman would often be subject to added scrutiny, as the country has a track record of women using marriage as an escape route.

Final words

Now that you know what to expect after marrying a Colombian woman, it is up to you to make the call. If you have been passionately in love for years and are convinced she’s The One, there are no second thoughts about it. If things are not so straightforward, it’s worth giving a second thought. Good luck!

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