Things to Know If You Want to Have a Venezuelan Girlfriend

Venezuelan women attract the limelight in global beauty pageants, and the girls make the country even more attractive for millions of tourists. Just look at these Venezuelan models.

I have been traveling across Latin America for years, both for business and pleasure, and  I’ve developed a special appreciation for Venezuelan girls for their charm and warmth.

In this Venezuelan dating guide, I’ve covered everything you need to know about dating these women, such as:

  • Things to expect when you have a Venezuelan girlfriend
  • Where can you find your Venezuelan girlfriend
  • Dating tips to get a Venezuelan girlfriend

Things to Expect When You Have a Venezuelan Girlfriend

There are many stereotypes associated with Venezuelan women. I recommend starting your relationship without any prejudice. Still, here are a few things you may expect:

They are hot-tempered

I’ve seen Venezuelan girls be expressive and emotional. It is good in a way, as they will always let you know what they feel rather than keep you guessing. Once they are in a relationship, they do their best to make it work. Thus, expect extreme reactions when they are happy or upset.

They know conversational English

English is not their first language. Yet, they learn it in school and college and manage basic interaction with foreigners. Some work with international colleagues and are as fluent as native speakers.

They are educated

Having limited education is another stereotype the present generation of Venezuelans has to live with. In reality, women from this country value their education a lot, and more than 500.000 of them go for a higher degree every year.

They are loud

Venezuelan girls can be loud when they are happy, excited, or angry. But to say that they are loud all the time is an exaggeration. I found them to be normal while interacting in person or over the phone.

Where Can You Find Your Venezuelan Girlfriend?

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You can meet Venezuelan beauties online and in-person if you know where to look. But, be careful in both, as many foreigners get conned while looking for love.

Online Dating in Venezuela

AmoLatina, Tinder, and Badoo have dedicated dating portals for Latin American countries. Here is a brief overview of each:


AmoLatina is a trusted website for long-term relationships for those looking for a Latina girlfriend. In fact, many married couples have found each other on this site. The portal has easy registration, a high percentage of verified profiles, and reliable support to help you find your match.


Tinder is a global dating giant, and the simplicity of its app makes it stand out among other similar platforms. The matching algorithm takes over once you’re done with a simple registration. It shows you one matching profile after another, and you swipe left (don’t like) or right (like). It is more for users seeking quick hook-ups and short-term dating.


Badoo is gaining popularity across Latin America, but the profile quality and user experience are not the best. Although it is still worth a try, be very careful of the details you share with others here.

Meeting Venezuelan Girls in Person

Traveling to Venezuela and meeting girls in person is an unmatched experience. Caracas and Margarita Island are two popular places for meeting singles. They both offer chances to meet locals, both day and night. These places have minimal safety concerns, making them a favorite with tourists.


If you are confident about your night game, Las Mercedes should be on top of your list. I recommend setting up your base here. It is a safe area for tourists with plenty of top nightclubs, pick-up bars, and restaurants.

Here‘s a list of some of the best bars and clubs in the area:

  • Maroma Bar
  • La Suite Bar
  • El Mani Es Asi
  • Buddha Bar
  • Seven Bar

Your best bet for a day game is around Las Mercedes, Sabana Grande, and Plaza de Francia. The streets are not the safest (even during daytime), though. I do not recommend approaching girls during a casual walk – it might scare them off and create an unwanted scene. Shopping centers and malls are more favorable, as singles frequent them for a fun outing.

The best shopping malls to check out are:

There is a general perception that westerners (locally known as gringos) are rich. Thus, be careful about attracting sex workers and scammers. They disguise themselves as regular girls seeking a relationship.

Margarita Island

Pampatar and Porlamer are the places with the most happening nightlife. Check out these singles’ hangouts:

  • BoraBora Margarita
  • 1900 Night Life
  • Beach Bar
  • Funky Buddha

If you are out during the day, your best bet is the Playa El Yaque beach that has a carnival atmosphere. The following malls and shopping centers are also worth a try:

  • Traki Mall
  • La Vela
  • Parque Costazul

Dating Tips to Get a Venezuelan Girlfriend

Knowing what girls expect is an advantage in the dating game. Now that you know where to find Venezuelan girls, here are some tips you can use to attract them.

Be the initiator

Girls like it when a man initiates a conversation and has everything under control. No matter how upset you are about something else, do not let it show and be calm – it is a sign of maturity, stability, and support.

Interpret their signs

Girls have subtle ways of showing affection and inviting men for the next step. While you do not want to be pushy, you cannot afford to let your guard down and miss the clues. Be smart in reading their signals and play along.

Give her freedom

Venezuelans are dedicated life partners, but they still need their space and time off. Do not be over-possessive and let your girl be on her own once in a while. Remember that she has a family and a social circle she will occasionally want to be with.

Learn basic Spanish

Venezuelans can manage basic English communication., but if you learn their language (Spanish), it will show how much you respect her culture. Girls like it when their man puts in extra effort to impress them.

Final Thoughts on Venezuelan Girlfriends

Now is the time to put everything together. Venezuela is a beautiful country with pretty women. Respect the culture, be honest, and approach the girls with conviction. You will have a great time and might find a life partner! And don’t forget to be mindful of your safety. Get more tips for dating Venezuelan women.

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