Top Places To Meet Panama City Girls


Are you a single guy planning a trip to Panama City in the near future? If so, read closely.

I’ve been to Panama City several times for leisure and business. It’s also often a ‘gateway’ city I’ll visit before embarking on an extended trip down into South America.

I know a little about this city…and the girls who live there!

Here are my top places to meet Panama City girls.

Dating in Panama City During the Day

My advice is to go about your day in Panama City as you normally would and without making finding girls the top priority. Honestly, you’ll probably find that when you’re not looking to meet women is when someone cute ends up on your radar.

Spend some time checking out the city in areas where lots of people get together. You’ll naturally see lots of girls there as well! Crowded places like shopping malls give you plenty of opportunities to put your day gaming skills to the test.

Here are a few suggestions I have:

Shopping malls

Shopping districts and plazas are fun to spend a few hours exploring because you can check out stores, shops, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and so on.

During the day, most of the women in Panama City you’ll see here are either on a break from work or spending a day to themselves or with a friend. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with walking up to and starting a brief interaction when you find a girl who catches your eye. 

I suggest you check out the following places:

Parks and outdoor areas

Parks and other outdoor areas offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy nature and decompress. They could offer you plenty of chances for starting a conversation with a nice-looking gal who comes walking down from the opposite end of the trail. 

Some parks and other outdoor areas worth exploring in Panama City include:

  • McKenzie Park
  • Oaks by the Bay Park
  • Panama City Beach PCB Conservation Park

Landmarks and tourist attractions

Popular landmarks and tourist attractions in Panama City also offer decent opportunities for meeting girls. All you have to do is ask her if she can take your photo (or you for her) by the attraction. Then get a conversation going that hopefully leads up to you getting her number. 

Check out the following tourist attractions:

Where to Find Panama City Women at Night


There are a few specific areas in Panama City to stick to for the nightlife. Fortunately, these areas are in pretty close vicinity, so walking or driving between them shouldn’t be too big of a hassle.

One of these neighborhoods is Calle Uruguay. The entire area is filled with bars and clubs that singles visit.

An arguably superior location is Casco Viejo. Not only does it have plenty of bars and clubs that singles frequent, but it’s very tourist-heavy as well. So the chances of you finding a girl you like from another country here are just as high as finding a Panamanian girl.

Last but not least, walk the Causeway, and you’ll find plenty of bars and clubs to explore as well. These are small islands linked to the mainland via literal causeways, and they have restaurants, bars, and clubs to check out. Visiting the Causeway for a few hours just for the experience alone is worth it. 

My advice is to get a small group of three to four guys you meet at your hostel together to go for a night out on the town. Panamanian girls often likewise go in small groups to the bars and clubs. It’s usually easier for a group of guys to approach a group of girls collectively than for one guy to go in like a lone wolf.

But even if you do go alone, you can still meet other groups at the bars and clubs as well. Just ask a question or make a remark to get a conversation going. Stay relaxed and in control, and you’ll fit in with the right people.

Some of the best bars and clubs worth exploring in Panama City include:

Dating Panama City Girls Online

Online dating sites and apps provide the chance to hopefully set up a date (or multiple dates) before you even arrive in Panama City. My advice is to start matching and getting conversations going one to two weeks before you arrive.

It’s even better if you can have a voice or video call with her first because it shows that she’s interested in you and reduces the odds of her flaking out on you once you arrive.

The best choice for a dating app in Panama City is This site is popular with Panamanian women who seek to date a gringo man from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

Tinder is another old standby. The girls here are not quite as serious as the gals on, but it’s worth investing your time just because of the large dating pool it offers.

Panama City Dating Guide

If the two of you decide to see each other again after a successful first date, it’s important to know where you can go and spend quality time with one another.

Besides spending the day at the beach (which is always fun), I suggest checking out:

  • Causeway Amador
  • Metropolitan Park
  • Mirador de Las Americas
  • Good restaurants and bars to take your date to
  • After spending the day together, wind down with some food and a drink.
  • Some of my favorite restaurants include:
  • Amano Bar
  • Caliope
  • Prime Steak Hour
  • Santa Rita
  • Siete Mares

Final Tips for Picking Up a Panama City Woman


Here are my final tips for picking up a Panama City woman:

Practice Good Situational Awareness

Panama City is a very industrial and Westernized city, and it’s a bit safer than many other Latin American cities. Still, that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Walk with purpose, don’t get too drunk, and don’t flash valuables everywhere.

Just Go For It

If a girl catches your eye, your opportunity to go and talk to her is right then. The odds are overwhelming you’ll never see her again…and equally as overwhelming, you’ll regret not going up when you had your chance. 

Don’t Be A Tourist

Panama City is filled with tourists, to the point, your chances of dating a woman from an entirely different country are honestly about as high as dating a Panamanian woman.

But don’t be a tourist yourself. Yes, you technically are visiting for leisure, but just don’t act like it. Don’t dress up or act like a tourist.

Instead, do your own thing and set your agenda. Trust me; you’ll put off a different vibe from most other visiting guys.

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