Things to Know If You Want to Have a Mexican Girlfriend

Are you planning a trip to Mexico in the near future and want a cute Mexican gal to date during the trip? Perhaps I could be of service to you!

I’ve been to Mexico several times during my travel adventures as a remote freelancer, and I’ve had the privilege of exploring much of the country. I’ve also been able to spend my time in Mexico with a few of the lovely and passionate ladies I’ve had the luxury of meeting. 

Now, I’m here to pass on what I know to you.

Here are the top things you need to know if you want to have a Mexican girlfriend:

3 Things to Expect When You Have a Mexican Girlfriend 

Here are a few things you should expect if you ever have a Mexican girlfriend…

Prepare For Latina Time

When she says, “I’ll be there at seven,” plan on her arriving an hour or longer later. But don’t be angry or frustrated. She’s taking all that extra time to invest in her appearance because she wants to look as good for you as you can (especially if she’s really into you). 

She’ll also use that time to talk or meet with her friends and chat about her upcoming date with the handsome gringo.

Learn to appreciate Latina time and prepare for it appropriately. My advice is this: if you want to hang out at seven, instead ask her if she can meet you at six or so instead. 

Take The Lead

Mexicans are very traditional when it comes to gender roles. As the man, you’re expected to take the lead. That means approaching her in the first place, asking her out, choosing where to go eat or what to do, and perhaps even picking her up from her home. 

Get Involved With Her Family

When you date a Mexican woman seriously (meaning, there’s potential for a long-term relationship and not just hooking up for a weekend), expect her to introduce you to her family very early – as in within a week or two.

You want to make a good impression on everybody, but the most important person in her family to impress is her mother. If you’re mom-approved, you’re good to go!

And by the way, when she invites you over to a ‘family dinner,’ it won’t just be her parents and siblings. Rather, it will seem like a big family reunion!

Where Can You Find Your Mexican Girlfriend

mexican girl

Now for the big question you’ve been wondering: 

Where can you find your next Mexican girlfriend in the first place?

I have some ideas:

Online Dating

Do you want to know what the easiest strategy is for finding a Mexican girlfriend?

That’s right, online dating.

As cliché as it may sound at this point, dating apps like AmoLatina, Tinder, and Badoo honestly provide some of the most convenient methods to find and date women in Mexico. One of the best things about these apps is that you can set up dates before your plane even lands.

AmoLatina is the best choice if you want a serious Mexican girlfriend. The ladies on here are usually looking specifically for foreign Western men. That doesn’t mean you’ll automatically score, but it does mean your chances on here are at least decent.

Tinder is an old standby. While effective for finding women, the girls on here are a bit flakier than on AmoLatina. If you want to get a date or two out of it, plan on setting up three or four if you know what I mean. 

Like Tinder, Badoo is likewise more oriented towards those who want a short-term fling or one-time hookup. It also has more free features than Tinder (like the Encounters feature), which is a plus.

In Mexico

Don’t neglect approaching girls you like in Mexico. My style is to walk up to a girl I like and start a simple conversation like asking for directions or for the time. I’ve found it’s the best way to get over your fear of approaching women. Plus, it builds confidence fast. 

In Mexico, you can meet girls wherever you can find people! In Mexico City (the largest city in North America, by the way), it’s ridiculously easy to find women to approach. I specifically recommend the El Centro neighborhood because I’ve found the Mexican gals here are more open to talking to American or European men.

Outside of Mexico City, I wholeheartedly recommend the Riviera Maya. You can’t beat coastal towns like Tulum or Playa del Carmen…which also attract gorgeous visiting women from all over the world and not just Mexico.

Final Tips to Get a Mexican Girlfriend 

Here are my final tips to find a Mexican girlfriend:

Take the Lead

Remember, in Mexico, it is customary for the man to take the lead in the relationship, and that holds true from the very beginning when you first meet to when you’re dating. 

For a couple of examples, decide where you want to go for the date and ask her if you have a certain day and time in mind works rather than asking, “so, uh, what day works for you?”

Do Not Look Like A Tourist

Just because you’re a handsome gringo doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get the girl. If anything, looking like a tourist will reduce your chances. 

Dress well and take good care of yourself, but ditch the whole tourist look with the Hawaiian-looking shirt, sandals, and camera. Honestly, khaki trousers and a nice polo will set you apart from other visiting men.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive 

While you should take the lead in the relationship, don’t be too aggressive. Avoid discussing sensitive topics on the first date, and don’t start touching her early on. Let the relationship take its natural course and escalate things slowly as you grow more comfortable with one another. 

Final Thoughts on Mexican Girlfriends 

And that concludes my tips for finding a Mexican girlfriend. Mexico truly is an incredible country that’s worth visiting. It’s diverse with its mixture of massive metropolises, beach getaways, fancy resorts, colonial towns with neat histories, and dense jungles.

But while Mexico is worth visiting alone, trust me when I say it’s always more fun when you have a beautiful female companion to share your experiences with. 

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