Jamaican Women – Things to Know Before Dating A Jamaican Woman

Jamaica is the quintessential tropical Caribbean destination. It’s a relaxing place, great for the holidays, and is just a few hours flight from the United States. And even though there is a large Creole influence, all Jamaican people speak English.

If you’re a young single man visiting Jamaica, chances are good you’re not just visiting this island for the world-class resorts and incredible beaches alone.

With a population of over three million people, there are plenty of lovely young ladies you can approach.

So, if you want to learn about how to date beautiful Jamaican women, you’ve come to the right place!

This article lists our top tips on how to get a Jamaican girlfriend.

What Are Jamaican Girls Like

Physical Characteristics of Jamaican a Woman

Jamaicans are interesting people. Most Jamaicans are a mix of European, African, and Asian ancestry, while most have a dark skin complexion.

Strangely enough, the island has had a strong Spanish influence throughout most of its history. Yet, it has a significantly lesser Latin vibe and culture than other Caribbean islands such as Cuba.

Jamaican women are still very attractive. While they have fewer curves than Dominican women, they are still very flirtatious and more open to approaches from Western men.

Personality of Jamaican Girls

Most Jamaican girls are both very caring yet assertive at the same time. In other words, they have a strong personality while also embracing positivity and caring much about others.

The Jamaican woman you go out with is likely more interested in a long-term relationship than just a casual fling. At the same time, she will want to have some fun with you, including going out for drinks, dancing, and singing.

Most Jamaican girls also fully embrace their feminine nature. They will expect you to take the lead, so expect to come up with date night ideas yourself and pay for dinner and drinks for the both of you.

Where Can You Meet Jamaican Girls?

Online Dating In Jamaica

Online dating is widely used in Jamaica, with sites like Tinder, AmoLatina, or Caribbean Cupid among the most popular.

It’s important to use a reliable dating site if you want to date a Jamaican girl. That means using a site known for legit profiles, strong security features, and premium features such as virtual gifts.

Perhaps the best Jamaican dating site to use in Jamaica is AmoLatina.com. That is because most of the girls on this site are here specifically to meet foreign Western men. Furthermore, most women here seek a more serious relationship rather than a casual fling.

Hopefully, you can get at least two or three dates set up before you even arrive on the island.

Meeting Women In Jamaica

You can easily approach women on the beach or in coffee shops during the day, but it’s much easier to wait for the nightlife to kick off. People are more laid back and thus more ready to have fun at night.

At daytime, you can expect to find a lot of girls relaxing on the beach with their friends while sipping a cocktail. Several will prefer to be left alone so they can kick back and enjoy the sunshine.

Remember that Jamaican girls are very assertive, so she won’t hesitate to rebuff your advances if she is not interested in you.

Things change during the night as Jamaica, and especially Kingston has a thriving nightlife. Some of the best bars in Kingston to check out include:

  • Asylum
  • The Quad
  • Dub Club
  • Weddy Weddy
  • Hot Tuesdays
  • Blue Beat Ultra Lounge

Those same girls who prefer to relax during the day are much easier to approach during the night at bars. Spend the day like a tourist, and the night like a player!

Dating Tips to Remember to Get a Jamaican Girlfriend

Beautiful Jamaican Girl

Be Sincere

Be honest and truthful about your feelings and intentions. When you first approach her, make your romantic interest clear. When you’ve gone on a few dates, tell her how you feel about her. Jamaican girls always appreciate sincerity in the men they date.

Learn About Jamaican Culture

Take the time to research Jamaican culture and traditions before you arrive on the island, so you’re at least familiar with how you’re expected to behave. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a few words of creole while you’re at it as well.

Smile and Be Happy

Just display a positive vibe as you go about your day! Jamaican ladies are very positive and uplifting people, and they’re drawn to men who are the same. Smile and often laugh, walk with your back straight, and enjoy yourself.

Be Open-Minded 

Be ready to discover new things, including Jamaican cuisine, dance moves, and culture that you’ve never been exposed to before. Speaking of dance moves…

Learn To Dance

Remember, Jamaican girls, love to dance and move their bodies. If your dancing skills are admittedly not the greatest, own it. You can create a deeply intimate moment by asking her to teach you Jamaican-style dancing out on the dance floor.

Don’t Be Presumptuous

Finally, don’t be too cocky. Jamaican girls want a fun man, so get your flirtation game on, but don’t be too loud or arrogant, or else she may get turned off.

How Can You Tell If a Jamaican Woman Likes You?

If you feel the girl you like is giving you mixed signals, there are a few things to look for to confirm if she’s interested.

She looks into your eyes

The first is how often she makes eye contact with you. If she looks into your eyes often, it’s a clear sign of interest! A girl who makes eye contact and smiles from across the room is inviting you to approach.

She’s not shy to touch you

Another clear indicator is if she gets physical in any way. If she laughs and gives you touch on the shoulder, for instance, she’s communicating to you that she’s willing to take things to the next level.

You can read it from her body language

When you’re sitting for drinks or a coffee, pay attention to how she sits. If she sits with her legs crossed, toes pointing towards you, and one leg bouncing, it’s a very positive sign that she’s into you.


Now that you know what Jamaican women are like, we hope this article will help you find a Jamaican girlfriend!

Enjoy the vibrant culture and energy of these great Caribbean women, and remember to have fun.

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