Dating Colombian Women: Tips for Meeting Hot Colombian Girls

Colombian women are world-renowned for their intense beauty, and that’s probably the biggest reason for the substantial increase of male travelers to the country in the last ten years. So if you want to know how you can score a Colombian girl, let’s learn what you need to know before dating a Colombian girl.

With curvy bodies, tanned skin, long dark hair, and a classic feminine look, these girls are the epitome of what comes to mind when you think of ‘hot Latina girls.’ Just go to Colombia, and you’ll see it for yourself!

But while they may be incredibly attractive, they are still unique from other hot Latina babes. And there are a lot of things you need to know before you start dating them.

So, with that in mind, let’s dive into our top tips for meeting and dating hot Colombian women.

What Are Colombian Women Like?

Impress Colombian Woman

Well, a Colombian girl is the type of woman who could be your wife, girlfriend, or just the date you hang out for a night of dancing and clubbing.

They honor traditional family values

While women in Latin America, in general, are very traditional and family-oriented, Colombia women are even more so. They have a more conservative nature, which means that many of them are looking to find the right man with who they can settle down and raise a family with. That is due to Colombian culture and the tremendous Catholic influence in the country.

… but they also love to have fun

If you simply want to find a girl to have some fun with while you’re visiting the country, you should have no difficulties finding one.

Colombian girls are incredibly feminine and sexy, on the same level as the women from Eastern Europe or Russia. Many men also believe that Colombian ladies have some of the sexiest accents of Latinas as well!

They don’t always show up for dates

At the same time, Colombian girls also have a reputation for being flakier than most of their other Latina counterparts. That means that it’s not uncommon for a Colombian woman to promise a man she flirts with that she’ll meet him at a later date, only not to show up.

Yes, this can happen anywhere in the world, but it’s just more common in Colombia than it is in most other places.

If this happens to you, it’s because you weren’t her highest priority for that night. She may have had an ex-boyfriend call, a family issue arose, or another commitment came up.

Regardless of her reason for not showing up, the best advice is to be ready for it and to have other things to do, such as:

  • an alternative activity
  • another girl you can text
  • interacting and making friends with the locals

You can also confirm the date with her via text message an hour or two before you are supposed to meet.

Where to Meet Colombian Women?

Sexy Girl From Colombia

Cities and Places

There are four main cities you should visit during your trip to Colombia:

  • Bogota
  • Cartagena
  • Medellin
  • Cali

Meeting women in Bogota

Since Bogota is the capital and largest city of Colombia, it’s easily the best place for you to meet women in the country.

What’s neat about Bogota is that it is divided into several different neighborhoods, each of which can accommodate anyone at any economic level. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a backpacker passing through the city or come from a more affluent background, because you’ll find the right neighborhood for you in Bogota.

The best neighborhoods to visit are:

  • Candelaria
  • Zone Rosa
  • Zona T

Another reason why Bogota is the best place to meet girls is that, like western girls, the women in Bogota are more open to foreigners and tourists than the women in smaller towns and villages.

You will also notice that the girls in Bogota have a lighter skin complexion than Colombian women from outside the city as well.

Besides walking around in parks and shopping malls to practice your day game, at night, you can also venture out to clubs such as Armando Records, Clandestina, and El Fabuloso. These clubs are almost always packed, so be sure to arrive early.

Take note that many Bogota Colombia women in these clubs will not be mingling around with others and may instead just be spending time with people they already know. That means making cold approaches can be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully, you’ll meet a girl beforehand (either online or in-person) who you can then meet up with at night later.

Keep in mind that Bogota is almost always cloudy, and it always looks like it’s going to rain. So, if you’d rather go somewhere in Colombia that looks less depressing, you can visit Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast.

Dating a Colombian girl in Cartagena

Cartagena is a very tropical town and is also very humid during the summer months. You may want to consider visiting during the winter when it cools down by a few degrees. You can quickly meet women in Cartagena, either on the beach or in bars.

The girls in Cartagena tend to have darker skin than the girls in Bogota, and can more closely resemble women from Brazil. Nonetheless, they are not any less sexy!

Medellin dating

One more town you should visit in Colombia is Medellin. There are neighborhoods in Medellin that are fully developed, such as Envigado or Laureles. These areas more closely resemble a city from Europe or America rather than a typical city in South America.

While Medellin is notorious for previously having been home to the Medellin cartel, those days are over, and it is today easily one of the most developed cities in the country.

Here is more information on dating Medellin girls.

Dating options in Cali

Cali has a reputation for being one of Colombia’s party capitals. What is amazing is that the daytime scene is every bit as active and fun as the night scene! And if you are afraid you won’t have enough juice to keep up, you can count on the locals’ infectious energy just drawing you to one fun activity after another.

Meeting a Cali Colombia woman is very easy, as they are very outgoing and approachable.

You could meet one at a mall while you are out and about souvenir shopping. You could meet her in a club as you try and fake your way through the sexy Colombian moves.

Whatever the case, you are bound to have a fantastic time not only meeting but also dating a Cali Colombia girl.

The most important thing is that you are open-minded and ready to let loose. This town has a lot to offer. Don’t stand in your own way!

Online Dating in Colombia Latin Dating

There are several online dating options for meeting beautiful Colombian women. You can use Tinder, which allows you to meet women from all over the globe.

While Tinder will work for Columbia, a superior option will be a dating website called It is considered to be the premier website for meeting attractive women from Colombia or handsome Colombian guys, and for both short-term and long-term relationships.

Regardless of whether you opt to use Tinder,, or another online-dating option, remember to begin using the apps before you arrive in the country. This way, you can establish a good rapport with a few of them before you officially meet in person, and you could potentially go out on a date on the day of your arrival.

Tips for Dating a Woman from Colombia

Understand the culture

The Colombian culture is vibrant and diverse, whether you are looking at their dances, food, the Colombian dating culture, or even their family values.

The women here are very passionate about their heritage and proud to be Colombianas. If you want to marry a Columbian woman, the best way to impress her is by showing interest in her country and traditions.

One way to do this is by asking her to take you on a cultural journey. She could take you to her favorite local eating spots, teach you a dance or two, or expose you to whatever else she feels best represents her culture.

Understanding cultural differences and norms when dating in Colombia will also help you become a better partner to your significant other as it gives you insight into their expectations.

It’s all about the appearance

The main tip for dating a woman from Colombia or even Ecuadorian women is to invest in your appearance. Just because you’re a man from America or Europe doesn’t automatically mean that girls in Colombia will start falling for you.

Comb your hair, pay special attention to your clothes (nice shoes, jeans, and a button-up shirt), don’t be slobbish or overweight, and walk upright with your shoulders back and your head high.

When dating a Colombian girlfriend, she will expect you to put effort into your appearance is that she will spend a lot of time getting ready for you! She’ll wear a nice dress, high heels, and she’ll carefully do her hair and makeup. Looking presentable will make it much easier to date Colombian females successfully.

Be confident

Next, you need to show your confidence. It is even more important than your appearance!

You need to be assertive, own up to your actions, choose where you would like to go out on a date rather than asking the girl for advice, and taking charge of your interactions.

Prove to the girl that you can protect and take care of her so she can trust you. Exhibiting your strongest masculine qualities is the number one way to do this.

Learn some Spanish

It’s also a good idea to work on your Spanish if you haven’t already. Not only will it greatly assist you in your interactions with the locals, but most women in the country do not speak English too well.

Even if you don’t speak fluent Spanish, at least being conversational or making an effort to speak it is something that most Colombians will appreciate. It can help to tear down the language barrier without them having to do all of the work.

Making an effort to communicate with a Colombian girl is also an excellent way to help make her potentially more interested in you. You can also check this article about Colombian flirting lines.

Be prepared to spend some cash

Finally, don’t be cheap. You need to be ready to pay for small gifts and all your dates because it is expected in the Colombian dating culture. It will also help the Colombian girl you’re dating to respect you more.

The male-female dynamic in Colombia is that the women are supposed to act feminine, and the males are the ones who are supposed to lead the way.

Enjoy Colombian Women!

You should find Colombian women to be affectionate and passionate in their personalities and beautiful and alluring in their appearances. They can make excellent wives or girlfriends, but first, you need to learn how to meet and date them. That’s why applying what you have learned above will be vital to your success!

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