Colombian Models You Can’t Miss

Colombianas are easily among the most beautiful women on the entire planet. Whether it is a leggy blonde or a curvy babe with an afro, these beauties take eye candy to the next level. 

In particular, their models exemplify the richness in beauty, with the chicas dominating everything from the pageant industry to the international modeling scene.

For some perspective, here are the most famous Colombian supermodels.

10 Top Colombian models

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is, without a doubt, one of the most successful and hottest Colombian models in both North and South America. 

She got her start as a model at a young age and steadily worked her way into a very successful Hollywood career. She is one of the highest-paid actresses on television as of 2019!

In addition to acting and modeling, the working mom has several brand ambassador gigs and is active in charity work.

Andrea Serna

Bogota is known for its beautiful, feisty, and fun-loving beauties, and no one is a better example of this than the bubbly Andrea Serna. 

The Colombian celebrity is a jack of all trades, having had successful ventures in modeling and TV hosting and presenting, radio presenting, and even entertainment production. 

Andrea is also a famous DJ in Bogota’s wild party scene to cap off her undeniably eventful career.

Isabel Cristina Estrada

Colombia’s beauty pageant scene is nothing short of cut-throat. That is what makes the success of beauties like Isabel Estrada so impressive. 

In addition to being a beauty queen, Isabel has had quite a successful run in mainstream modeling and acting. When she is not gracing TV screens or runways, she is running her wildly successful fitness-oriented Instagram. 

Adriana Arboleda

Adriana Arboleda is a true legend in Colombia’s modeling scene. She started modeling professionally at the age of 15 and left quite the mark. She has had a very successful career with accolades like ‘Model of the Year’ in 1995 and ‘Look of the Year’ in 1996. 

In the past few years, she has given up runways and photoshoots for a TV-presenting career where she is thriving.

Ana Sofia Henao

Ana is one of the most underrated models in Colombia. She is drop-dead gorgeous with her gentle curves, blonde hair, and beautiful light eyes. She is also a beauty with major brains having sustained a successful writing, editing, and illustration career. In her silent strength, beauty, and talent, Ana is a true example of how eclectic and impressive Colombian women can be. 

Melina Ramirez

The list of top Colombian models would not be complete without an Instagram model or two. 

The first on our list is Instafamous Melina Ramirez. With a following of more than 4 million Instagram users, it is safe to say that the girl is doing quite well. And with her killer body, beautiful face, and enviable lifestyle, it is not hard to understand why so many are hooked. 

Catalina Otálvaro

Another Colombian babe with considerable Instagram fame is Catalina Otalvaro. Before her online fame, Catalina had a successful career in mainstream modeling and acting and even DJing. 

She has recently joined the long list of Instagram celebrities in Colombia and is thriving with a following of over 300,000.

Melissa Giraldo

With her signature light brown eyes, long luscious locks, and perfectly toned body, Melissa Giraldo exudes irresistible, exotic vibes that have earned her some fame in the modeling world. 

She is particularly successful in print modeling. She also has one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram pages with more than 200,000 followers. Despite her otherworldly looks, Melissa is famous for her calm and easy-going personality. 

Andrea Rincon

Another famous Colombian model that should be on your radar is Andrea Rincon. Like many babes on our list, Andrea started her career very early with major campaigns in Colombia as early as age 13. 

She has since grown from the pretty teen to a drop-dead gorgeous femme fatal famous for her exotic dark features and killer curves. 

The Davalos twins

Rounding up our list is a two-for-one deal with the Davalos twins, Mariana and Camila. The US-born and Colombia-raised beauties started modeling as children and have cemented their spots among the top Colombiana models in the industry. 

They have had very successful careers both in modeling and as brand ambassadors and, even in their thirties, are still making waves in the industry.

So what do you think of those beautiful Colombia models? Are you ready to get a Colombian girlfriend? Make sure to read this guide to make Colombian women fall in love with you!

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