10 Latin Love Songs to Help Your LDR

Are you in a long-distance relationship and looking for the best Latin love song to help you express your deepest feelings?

Look no further! We came up with this awesome list of 10 Latin chart-toppers that will melt everyone’s heart away, build bridges, or even fix your relationship.

 It’s true. Nothing comes close to the way Latin artists sing about love. Give it a go!

Shakira – “Te Necesito”

Featured on the first album of the sultry Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira, ‘Te Necesito’ is a truly deep and honest song.

It will resonate with LDR couples going through some rough times. And it hits home when she says, ‘I no longer know if I have lived ten thousand days, or one day, ten thousand times.’

All people in long-distance relationships know that feeling when time seems to be standing still, and all you need is to run into the arms of your loved one.

Ricky Martin – “Sólo Quiero Amarte”

‘Sólo Quiero Amarte’ will give you the same chills as its ultra-popular English version, ‘Nobody Wants To Be Lonely’ that Ricky Martin sang together with the powerhouse, Christina Aguilera.

‘You know I’m dying inside because I feel you so far away…’ yes, sometimes, it feels like the miles are slowly crushing your heart, but in the end, when you are back together, it will be all worth it.

Luis Fonsi – “No Me Doy Por Vencido”

Believe it or not, but many Latin love songs fans knew who Luis Fonsi was even before ‘Despacito’.

Known for his powerful love ballads, Fonsi stole the hearts of many with his sensual voice and powerful lyrics. In a nutshell, ‘No Me Doy Por Vencido (I Don’t Give Up)’ is about fighting for what feels right and not giving up so easily on the person who feels like home.

Alex Ubago – “Aunque No Te Pueda Ver”

Ten years later, this song still resonates with everyone in an LDR. The Spanish singer-songwriter with a mesmerizing voice is best known for his heartbreaking ballads and soft melodies.

‘If you ever feel lonely, talk to me. I will be listening even though I can’t see you’ – sounds about, right?

Nothing compares to being in the arms of the one you love the most, but you can still give comfort and show your love even with thousands of miles in between.

Alejandro Fernández – “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” ft. Christina Aguilera

It’s easy to see how this song that speaks about longing and heartbreak can strike home for many LDR couples.

Alejandro Fernández, alongside Christina Aguilera covered this ’70s classic and peaked at number one on all the major Latin music charts. This cover is one of the best Latin love songs that can even reignite the spark. No surprises there — it’s packed with so much passion and pent up emotions.

Sebastián Yatra – “Cómo Mirarte”

This Columbian heart-throb is known for his deep romantic lyrics. ‘Como Mirarte (How Do I Look at You)’ is one of the Latino love songs that put Sebastian Yatra on the international music map.

‘Fate does not want to see us fail… I don’t want this love to be temporary ‘… same as everyone else in a serious relationship who has put a lot of effort into keeping the love alive.

Maluma – “ADMV”

ADMV (Amor De Mi Vida/Love Of My Life) is the perfect track to tell your partner that you’d love to spend the rest of your lives together. Love so strong that can stand the test of time and distance, no matter where destiny takes you.

In the end ‘… when our memory fails and only the photographs remain…’ you’d know it was worth the wait.

Sin Bandera – “Kilometros”

Love over the phone — a tale every LDR couple wishes they never learned about! ‘Kilometros (Kilometers)’ sings of two people in love who are holding strong onto each other even though they are separated by distance. Some love stories deserve to be fought for. It’s one of the top Latin love songs of the early 2000s.

Luis Miguel – “Te Extraño”

This Latin American legend just had to make the list. El Sol de México (the Sun of Mexico), Luis Miguel is the one who made romantic Spanish love songs popular in the non-Spanish speaking world in the ’90s.

In ‘Te Extraño (I Miss You)’, he uses the most beautiful metaphors to express how much he misses his Latina girlfriend. If you feel the same, go ahead and share this number with the one you miss the most.

Ricardo Arjona – “Como Duele”

Another Latin heavy-hitter. Ricardo Arjona’s lyrics have saved many relationships. The way he sings about love, it’s like sending every word and note straight to your heart!’

Como Duele (It Hurts So Much)’ talks about the pain distance causes this man because he is not with the woman he loves. It will resonate with all long-distance couples.

Sometimes, in a relationship, especially in an LDR, the love is there, but the words just don’t come out. Luckily, a good tune can go a long way. All you need to find is the right lyrics.

Good luck, and keep the love burning! Follow DatingLongDistance.com for great tips to stengthen your long distance relationship!

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